Christmas in the VI – My Favorite Things – #3

There’s a reason why there are annual television shows created about my next favorite thing. No matter where I visit or live around the holiday season, I always find some to visit. Not only do they make the season bright, but they also light up my life: Literally!


Christmas Lights - My 3rd Favorite Thing for Christmas in the Virgin Islands

Christmas in the Virgin Islands – My #3 Favorite Thing

THE ‘Christmas’ LIGHTS

I don’t know what it is about Christmas lights, but I can’t get enough them. From the ones around the Christmas trees, to the outdoor lights that make a home look like a holiday display, Christmas lights are my most favorite thing about the holiday season.

In fact, this weekend is our annual drive around Georgia to go see the light displays. YEA, I love them that much!! Bummed that one of our favorite displays is no longer there to see, but will find the joy in the others that participate this year.

Light Displays in St. Thomas

Every year in St. Thomas, I waited until after Thanksgiving/early December for the house by Ras Valley to put up their Christmas lights. The homeowners always made it their business to have their lights up nice and bright every season.

You could see their house from Four Winds plaza and as you got closer, the more beautiful they became. I loved trips to country around this time because we always got to see these lights as we pass by. Even when the Bovoni bus took the long way, I didn’t mind so much during the holiday season because it was a chance to see these lights.

Then, as I mentioned in my previous post, the boats in the parade for Miracle on Main Street never disappointed with the lights. As did the houses atop my neighborhood in Estate Thomas, or on the first street when you turn into Bovoni, or driving through Tunkey on a December night.

Christmas lights were abound on our little island and it was and probably still is a nice touch for the holiday season.

Christmas in the VI Series – Comes to an End

So, this was my last favorite thing in this holiday series. I hope you enjoyed all of my favorite things that I shared with you. If you missed my first or second favorite thing, go back and read them here.

If you are in the Virgin Islands, particularly St. Thomas, for the holidays, I hope you get to experience each and every one of these things as I did. For those abroad, there’s always next year.

Happy Holidays IGC Family

Alright IGC Family, I will be back in January with more new posts after the holiday season.

In the mean time, have a wonderful Christmas and fantastic New Year!!

See you guys in 2019!!

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What are your plans for Christmas and New Years? Share what you’re up to this holiday season in the comments. You just might inspire some new favorites for me to try!!


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