Happy New Year – 2019 – #MomChronicles

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Hey IGC Family – Happy 2019!!

It’s a new year folks and the Island Gurl Chronicles are back with a little bit of a twist for the beginning of the year. Wait what? No more chronicles?

Yes. I will still be sharing my chronicles. However, since I am currently raising a newborn and a toddler, my focus has shifted a bit to the happenings of an Island Mom.

Mom Chronicles

So, in addition to Island Gurl posts about growing up in the Virgin Islands, you will also get some featured posts about the life of an Island Mom. #IslandMomChronicles

Hope you are sticking around with me in 2019 for all the awesomeness that is to come. We’ll have a few laughs, shed a few tears, but most of all I hope that in 2019 we continue to write our own stories and enjoy life – no matter what part of the world we reside!!

As always, be true to the island gurl (or boy) in you. Talk to you soon!!

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