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Past, Future, or Present Islander – “Mawning” “Afternoon” or “Night Night” – You have journeyed across the virtual regions of the web and have found yourself at the place where island gurls go to remember what it was like to grow up with the backdrop of the beautiful island life and sea. More about IGC here.


Welcome, welcome and I hope you enjoy the chronicles as much as I enjoy writing them. And as always………… true to the island gurl in you!!

~~XOXO, Island Gurl – Lavey

Have you ordered my children's book yet?

V is for Virgin Islands: Book 1 – A Cultural Journey debuted in August 2019. This is my first children’s book for the VIPs (Virgin Islands Parents) who have moved away, but still want your children to grow up knowing about some of our rich culture and heritage. 


I wrote this book for my own children so that they can learn about the Virgin Islands and when they get older still have a forever keepsake about the Virgin Islands. Learn more about V is for Virgin Islands here. And if you’ve ordered already don’t forget to grab your free companion guide.

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St. Thomas View
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