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Pit Stop On The Post

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve seen my do a ‘pit stop on the post’ before. That’s when I use a term or phrase in one of my posts that is not widely known. I describe what it refers to in detail with a ‘pit stop on the post’. As a result, I have decided to put them all in one place as a singular place of reference. Your Welcome!! XOXO, Island Gurl

Here are some of the terms discussed so far and the post(s) that they have been referenced on.

Make a Pit Stop @ the IGC Dictionary

Jouvert – A part of the carnival celebration where trucks with bands and loud speakers, drive up and down Main Street with party-goers tramping behind them. This usually starts from the wee hours of the morning until the sun came up.

Special – A frozen treat in a cup that comes in multiple flavors. Also, called a Lindey by Crucians.

Summer Assignment – Assignments generally for English classes, that required school children to read several books and complete related assignments during the summer. Upon, returning to school in the Fall, teachers expected the summer assignments to be complete and turned in during the first weeks of school.

If I’ve used a word that you don’t recognize in one of my posts, be sure to hit me up, so I can add it to the dictionary.