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About IGC

The Island Gurl Chronicles is my creative outlet to share the memories of growing up as an Island Girl (sometimes pronounced gurl or gyul – hence the spelling) in the US and British Virgin Islands. Two nations apart, but still one in the eyes of a child and anyone else who grew up between multiple islands. These are the things that I remember and wish to share with the world who wants a glimpse of my former island life. Check back for new blog posts every week or signup to get highlights of what’s going on in my current life.

Also, check out my video posts, where I share one of my writings, whether an old poem, short story, or song. Yes, you get to hear me sing!! WHAT?! Videos are posted regularly, so subscribe to my Youtube Channel – Island Gurl Chronicles to be notified when new videos are available.

About the Island Gurl

My name is Lavey and I grew up in the beautiful Virgin Islands. I was born and raised on St. Thomas and also had a large portion of my family from/on Tortola. I spent school seasons on St. Thomas, where I enjoyed going to school and hanging out with friends. Holidays, weekends, and summers is when I visited Tortola, where we had fun going to Carnival, dancing in the middle of the street, and making friends that became just like family.

Fun Facts About Me

Two things that have been consistent about me from birth. I have always been a writer and a nerd, see more fun facts below……..

  • I was in the St. Thomas Carnival parade four times in my life. Two times
    Me as a bumblebee - Carnival parade

    Me as a bumblebee!!

    as a small child in preschool and elementary; dressed as an angel, then as a bumblebee. Then later in junior high, as a tenor player in the Awesome Iguana Panjammers.

  • In elementary school, I won the spelling bee when I was in the 3rd grade.
  • I was the Salutatorian of my 6th grade graduating class.
  • I won a writing contest in high school and had my story, “The clown that’s gonna get ya” published in the local paper (Virgin Islands Daily News) and received a check for $500.

Sometimes I sit and think about all the many fun memories growing up back home, that I wanted to share it with my family and friends, so that they too can reminisce on all the good old days.

Let me know which story was your favorite and don’t forget to leave a comment.

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Good to Know

When you’re reading a blog post or watching a video, one thing you might hear me say is, Pit stop on the post.  This simply means that there will be an added explanation for people who may not be from the Caribbean or may be from the Caribbean but call what I am referring to another name.

For Example: Though both, St. Thomas and St. Croix are a part of the same US Virgin Islands, there is an icy treat that St. Thomians call a ‘special‘ while Crucians call it a ‘Lindey’.

Another Example: Carnival in the Virgin Islands is similar to what they call Junkanoo in the Bahamas.

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