Family Feud with a Caribbean Twist: Let’s Play

Have you ever played the at home version of Family Feud with the cards (affiliate link)? I have several times with my family on both sides and guess what? The answers on those cards suck!! Like seriously. Some of the answers we never even got and were dumbfounded as to who they asked these questions to that came up with those answers.

So naturally, I decided I had to do something about it. My solution: a Caribbean version of Family Feud. Easy right? Nope. It’s almost like pulling teeth. Not the creative process though, the designing and coming up with the questions was easy peasy. It’s the other stuff that requires external input that is the teeth puller.

Let's Play!! Caribbean Family Feud

Game Setup/Creation

First, I came up with a list of questions to ask that were Caribbean in nature, like what is the best flavor of tart. My answer is guava, btw, what’s yours?

Then, I decided that in order to create the Caribbean Family Feud, I’d survey at least 100 Caribbean people. You’d think I didn’t know at least 100 Caribbean people. I do, but it’s like pulling teeth to get them to complete the online survey. UPDATE: I’ve raised the number to 200 Caribbean people.

Survey Says

So in the interim, I’ve been playing online with friends, to spread the word out and have some fun while doing it. What say you? Are you down for a game? We play once a month LIVE on my Island Gurl Chronicles Facebook page. Come join us for the fun!! We are playing tonight August 8, 2021 @ 8PM.

If you’re ready to play Caribbean Family Feud? Help me to make this a reality!! Complete the survey below.

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