Christmas ‘Miracle’ in the Virgin Islands – My Favorite Things – #2

They got Miracle on 34th Street in the states. We got Miracle on Main Street in the islands. And trust me, ours is WAY BETTER. No jackets, gloves, scarves, long johns, or boots required. Unless of course you want to wear boots because who doesn’t love a nice pair of boots.

This is my 2nd favorite thing in my December series – Christmas in the Virgin Islands. Missed the first one, start here.

Miracle on Main Street - My 2nd Favorite Thing - Christmas in the Virgin Islands

Christmas in the VI – My #2 Favorite Thing

Where is everybody on that Friday usually 3 or 4 weekends before Christmas? Doing some last minute shopping and having camaraderie at Miracle on Main Street. Or at least that’s how it was when I was growing up there.

Miracle on Main Street

Every December all the shops of the main tourist spot, Main Street, remain open throughout the night and invite the public to come and shop and enjoy the Christmas season. The streets are closed off from cars and people are able to walk around and enjoy the local entertainment.

Boat Parade

Boat Parade in 2010

Boat Parade in 2010

First things first. Every time I go to Miracle on Main Street, I always check for what time I need to walk towards the waterfront. The boat and yacht owners never disappoint as they parade their boats all decked out in holiday lights, Santas, and candy canes along the parade route of the seas.

Boat Parade Santa in 2010

Boat Parade Santa in 2010

One year when we went, there were even people throwing candy canes to the onlookers as they sailed around. And another with their pet dog dressed in a Santa suit. There’s always a nice surprise at the boat parade.

Discounted Prices in the Stores

Most stores offer some form of discounts on their items for the holidays. This isn’t usually a big pull for me, but a lot of others (especially the last minute shoppers) can usually find something¬† to fulfill wrap up their final gift shopping.

I know one year when I was visiting for the holidays, I was able to score some discounts on Cruzan Rum and other local liquor not easily found in the states. The deals are abound for the savvy shoppers.

Christmas Music all Around

The last big draw for me is the local and classic Christmas music you hear all through the streets. Steel pans from local schools and organizations are placed at several different spots along Main Street to play for the shoppers and holiday gatherers.

Listening to ‘Mama bake yo johnny cake’ or any Christmas song by Stanley and the 10 Sleepless Knights is enough to get anybody into the Christmas spirit. I always wish I had access to a local radio station during this time of year.

Next Favorite Thing

Alright, there is just one more favorite thing left to share of my favorite things from Christmas in the Virgin Islands. I think it’s a lot of people’s favorite thing too, so I won’t give it away until next week.

Christmas is almost here IGC family. I can’t wait to share my next favorite thing with you and get closer to counting down the days to Christmas.

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Have you bought all your Christmas gifts yet? Let me know in the comments who you always wait until the last minute to shop for.


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