Christmas ‘Parties’ in the Virgin Islands – My Favorite Things – #1

Here is my first post in my December series – Christmas in the VI. Don’t forget to come back each week in December as I share my top 3 favorite things from spending Christmas in the Virgin Islands. Be forewarned, these posts may make you want to take a trip to the islands, so read on at your own risk. (But trust me, it’s worth it!!)

Christmas in the VI Series – #1 Favorite Thing

Favorite things about Christmas parties in the virgin islandsTHE ‘Christmas’ PARTIES

I’m not a social butterfly by any means, but one of the things that I’ve always loved about Christmastime was all the events¬† that you got to attend. Between the family gatherings to the annual company events, there was always somewhere to go every weekend in St. Thomas.

Family Gatherings

From Tunkey to Tutu Valley to Round de Field, the family gatherings for the holiday season was endless. Around Christmastime I always met so much family that I never knew I had, which is crazy and funny being that the island is only 32 square miles.

It’s like how could you not know your entire family, but trust me it happens. One time there was a girl in my class who I didn’t know was my cousin until we were in junior high school. We had known each other since elementary school and didn’t happen upon that fact until one Christmas event changed everything.

So yea, Christmastime and family gatherings were always an event. From the domino tables to the jokes told by drunken uncles, being able to socialize with family while enjoying all the holiday treats will always have a special place in my heart and memories.

Bring on the coquito and sweet bread!!

Christmas Parties in the Virgin IslandsAnnual Holiday Events

One time when I did visit back home for the holiday season, I spent one weekend just going from event to event. Between an Avis Christmas party to a the Budget boat ride on the Kontiki, there was never a dull evening during the holiday season.

Annual holiday events by car rental agencies (as mentioned above) or holiday tree lightings between downtown and Havensight always provided somewhere to be when I wasn’t spending time at home with my family.

The holidays made the place more festive and the events brought out the community to come and enjoy the spirit of the season.

Next Week’s Favorite Thing

Next week, I’ll be sharing one of the top holiday events in the Virgin Islands, that get’s it’s own post because it was just that big and just that fun!!

I hope you liked my first favorite thing about spending Christmas in the Virgin Islands. If you happen to be at any of these events (a family gathering or annual holiday event), tag me in your pics you post on social media so I can get a glimpse of this year’s holiday happenings!!

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What do you think is my next favorite thing? Leave your guess in the comments before reading next week’s post, then check back to see if you were right!!

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