What NOT to pack for your cruise vacation

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What not to pack for your cruise vacation

I’ve already discussed the essentials that you need to pack for your next cruise vacation. But, I think we also need this list of what NOT to pack for those of you who may be a little over zealous and pack more than what’s actually needed.

Trust me. It will save you space in your luggage for the souvenirs that you will be taking home. Plus, your bag will be much lighter on the way to the airport or cruise terminal. I can’t say the same for when you’re coming back though……. **smiles**

Cruise Vacation – NO PACKING LIST


Unless you have a thing about using public toiletries, do not pack towels in your luggage. Towels are provided for your everyday shower, the beach, the pool, and even as a cover if you are watching late night movies at the dive-in theater (if your ship has one). Plus, they clean the towels everyday if that is your preference and switch out wet beach/pool towels after use.

Too much clothes

If you’re on a 7 day cruise, you do not need a shirt/pants or dress for every single day. Walk with pieces that you can mix and match, especially bottoms. Nobody is going to be paying that much attention to notice that you wore the same pants with a different top two days ago.

Too many pairs of shoes

Same goes for shoes. You don’t need to walk with seven pairs on a seven day cruise. Have a pair you can wear for elegant night, an everyday pair like flip flops, and a pair for the gym or rainy days. If you can manage to wear the same shoes for elegant night and everyday, that’s a plus. Just get a cute pair of shoes that can work for both.


I’ve already discussed walking with too much clothes is a no-no, so this should be an obvious. However, I listed it just in case. There are hangers already in the closet. And if you must walk with hangers, to keep your elegant wear ‘elegant’ during travel, use the disposable hangers from the cleaners. This way you can leave them behind for the next cruiser.


Unless you’re a professional photographer, you don’t need to walk with your own camera. Most phones today are capable of taking decent enough pictures that can be framed from your cruise vacation. Plus, who wants to worry about the possibility of your $200 camera being stolen from your luggage or forgotten at a port that you may never return to.


You’re not going to read. Not that it wasn’t a good try to get in some reading during your vacation. But do you really want to miss out on the spa, the water slide, the corny broadway show remakes…… All of these things are part of the vacation experience. Don’t miss it by trying to stick your head in a book.


This is a vacation, not a work trip. Your family will agree with me when I say that you don’t need to check your emails or voicemails while you’re on vacation. Plus, as with cameras, nobody wants to lose or damage something that expensive during travel. And though I don’t want to mention it, if you must use a computer they also have those on the ship for a fee.

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Have anything to add to this list? Tell us in the comments what else needs to just stay at home versus being packed for a cruise vacation.

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