IGCA 2019: Day 5 – San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Why my phone worked better in Puerto Rick than it’s own area code is beyond me, but today I had service and got all my missed calls and messages from St. Thomas. There was nothing I could do about it now. We were in a new port and ready for a new day, thankfully with no rain.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico

We head to port, stopped in Walgreens to check if they had baby water and pampers. After we confirmed that, we got into a local taxi cab. They flocked to us like pigeons to bread once we walked off the boat, everyone of them with the same speech.

“$15 per person tour, pay at the end, cruise line charge you $55, me $15, good deal”

Well I will say, don’t waste your time. They drive around in a circle, stop a few places to take pics, then drop you back to the shopping area or port. And forget about the part where you pay at the end. After the first “stop”, he collects his money and then gets rude when you ask questions about why we can’t stop as long as other tour buses or why we couldn’t stop to take pics in certain areas.

Where to next?

We hopped off the tour at the shopping area since it wasn’t a far walk from the port. We enjoyed some mofongo (see pics), walked along a few streets, got some souvenirs, then headed back to the ship. I want to spend more time in Puerto Rico, not on a cruise but an actual stay over visit. Maybe some day in the future.

Well since we didn’t stop at a beach in Puerto Rico, there was no doubt about it that we had to do a beach stop in our final port, Grand Turk. Tomorrow will be beach day and all the beach wear and bags will be ready from tonight. No tours, no shopping, number one to do: BEACH!!

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Have you ever been to PR? What was your favorite part of the beautiful island? Let me know in the comments, so that I can make a list for the next time I visit.

Plus, who has the best mofongo? Let me know, let me know.

View Day 5 in Pictures, here.

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