Island Gurl Travel Adventures 2019

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By the time you read this post, I will be somewhat into my travel adventures for 2019. Every year, except when there is a major life event (like the births of my kiddos), we plan a family trip to somewhere out of our current state. It could be a short road trip to places like Myrtle Beach or our favorite, cruises where we visit multiple locations at once. This year we are going on our 4th or 5th cruise (I lost track) to the Eastern Caribbean. WOOHOO!!

We have been on an Eastern Caribbean cruise before, but this itinerary includes two ports that we have never visited: Amber Cover, Dominican Republic and Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos. Hopefully, these two new ports make it worthwhile. Plus, last time we left from Puerto Rico and this time Puerto Rico is an actual stop on the cruise, so that might make the experience different this time around.

V is for Virgin Islands

This cruise itinerary also includes a stop in my birthplace, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. So, I will get to visit my family as well as introduce my children to my hometown. My daughter already thinks she’s from the Virgin Islands, so might as well show her where it is, right?

When, I get back from my travels, I will have loads to share on the blog. I will post a travel-like blog diary of each day we traveled. So, be ready for several blog posts when we get back in a few weeks. I’ll be somewhere sipping on a pina colada in the meantime!!

Island Gurl Signature

Where was your last travel adventure? Share in the comments and tell me how you liked it, so I can see if this should be added to our list of places to visit on future adventures!!

UPDATE: Click here to read from Day 1 – Port Canaveral.

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