IGC Fall Season 2018 – New Content Abound

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The Island Gurl Chronicles hiatus is over as the Fall Season approaches.

This past summer, some of you may have noticed that my blogging style switched temporarily to Top Things to eat, do, visit in St. Thomas and my YouTube channel was down for the count. The last video I posted was of some pictures that I took during Atlanta Carnival (and a few posts came from that as well).

IGC Fall Season 2018

Now that the Fall Season is approaching, everything will be back to normal (temporarily – read to the end)………..

IGC Fall Season 2018

School is back in session and Island Gurl Chronicles is returning to a little normalcy. What’s coming back exactly?

Island Life Blogging

My story style blogging will be back with more stories about my childhood, growing up in the Virgin Islands (US and British). I will be writing about things from high school homeroom to first boyfriends to the teenage angst associated with trying something new.

From time to time, I will also cover local happenings in the Virgin Islands as they interrelate to my blog posts or videos. That could include anything from Carnival to school programs that I want to highlight to get the word out to us statesiders.

So be on the lookout starting next week for new blog posts every Wednesday!!

Video Series – Who Remembers

Last season, in addition to the IGC Chronicles, I posted videos for a series called – Who Remembers. In this series, I take you on a trip down memory lane to places, foods, and feelings from back in my day: 80s baby.

This season, Who Remembers will be back with more of the same narrative. From flavors to feelings to an old candy favorite, Who Remembers videos will be uploaded every other week on my YouTube channel (and sometimes Facebook).

Check out my latest episode of Who Remembers now!!

Temporary Break – Coming Again Soon

For those of you that kept up-to-date on my posts or videos (love you guys!!), you know that I am expecting (yes, a baby) anytime between now and October. What that means for the blog and my YouTube channel?

Well, I will be taking mommy and baby time to look after my newborn. Most blog posts and videos will come out on schedule (I have done the pre-work necessary to keep things moving along), but for the most part, I will be unavailable for commenting and posting at a full capacity until about December.

My family is my first priority and getting myself and baby together will be my focus in the coming months. So don’t think because you see a new post from me, means I am back. These were scheduled in advance to publish/upload on my normal schedule.

You can still send me messages and leave comments on posts and videos, just don’t expect an answer right away. Once, I am at least 90% myself and on somewhat of a schedule, I will be back to commenting and responding.

Thank you all for coming on this journey with me (blog and life) and I hope you enjoy what’s to come for this Fall Season.

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What were you doing over the summer break? Let me know in the comments.

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