Best Beaches in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Map of St. Thomas Beaches

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What is one of the biggest pulls for anyone visiting the caribbean? THE BEACHES, of course!!

And you can find some of the best beaches of the Caribbean in beautiful, St. Thomas. Check out the pic to the right for a map to 13 of our local beaches.

But read on below to see the top 3 beaches that I recommend if you are traveling to my beautiful hometown. Grab some seagrapes while you’re there and take some pictures in our nice, warm blue waters and crystal sands.

Best Beaches in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 2018

Best Beaches in St. Thomas

John Brewer’s Beach (Brewer’s Bay)John Brewer's Bay Beach, St. Thomas

This beach tops the list of beaches for me in St. Thomas because it was the beach that I spent the most time at as a young child. I could go on and on about the parties we’ve had here, walkathons that ended with a dip in these waters, and summer afternoons spent here after steel pan practice.

Pluses: Always free access. This beach is near the airport and local food trucks are right on the beach, so you can grab some local cuisine while you’re lounging by the crystal blue waters. Plus, on weekdays, this beach is hardly crowded, so you get your pick of where to swim and where to lounge with few distractions.

Magens Bay

I remember as a kid on beach day, jumping in the back of a truck to head to  Magen’s Bay. This was always the beach that had the best parties. They had sheds where the food and music kept the party going. And when it was time for a dip, you just walked the few feet to the beach and took a dive.

Pluses: Free access for children 12 and under. Kayaks, paddle boats, and sunfish are available to rent. Plus, there is a bar and restaurant if you get hungry after playing all of your water-sports. 

Lindbergh BayLindbergh Bay Beach, St. Thomas

Want to head to a beach as soon as you get off the plane? Go right down airport stretch and take a stop by Lindbergh Bay. There is an entrance to the beach between the resort, Emerald Beach, and restaurant. You can be there within 10 minutes of setting foot on our beautiful island.

Pluses: Don’t let the neighboring resort throw you off, this beach is open to the public and always free access. Staying at Lindbergh Bay Hotel and Villas? Take the complimentary shuttle back to your hotel after a quick dip in the ocean.

I haven’t been to a beach as beautiful as these three in forever. I’ve tried beaches in Florida and North Carolina, but none of those can match the calm, beautiful blue waters that exists in the Virgin Islands. I can’t wait for my next trip back home, so that I can take a dip in one of my favorite beach spots. I’m sure it will bring back some awesome memories too, once my feet hit the pristine sands.

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Have you been to any of these awesome beaches? Let me know which was your favorite in the comments. And tag @IslandGurlChronicles on social media with a picture at your top beach spot.

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