Best Places to Eat in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

If you haven’t noticed already, the chronicles are taking a break as I write some posts about traveling to my hometown, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and island life. The chronicles about my home and school life growing up in the Virgin Islands will return in September, but until then, here is another post on the best places to eat in St. Thomas.

So without further ado…….

Where to Eat in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

You already know which fruits to try in the Virgin Islands, but what about a decent plate of food that is filling and rich with island flavor. I haven’t been home to a restaurant in a minute, so I had to go to the local experts for these picks and here’s what they had to say…….

Where to Eat in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

I reached out to my local foodies and asked them what their favorite restaurant is back home and their must try dish. They like food just as much as me, so I know their recommendations would not disappoint. Here are the restaurants that made the list and the local dishes that you must try.

Hook Line & Sinker

With fish caught within 10 feet of the restaurant, you can’t have better access to fresh seafood. Hook Line and Sinker offers both indoor and outdoor seating and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It has been around for 30 some years, so that should say a lot about the restaurant and it’s lasting impression on the locals and tourists.

Must Try: All there dishes are great; especially the seafood!!

Hook Line Sinker Saint Thomas

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Arian’s Bar and Restaurant

If you’ve just flown in and you are ready to jump right into some local cuisine, take a 10 minute trip to Arian’s in Subbase. I haven’t been home in forever and even I remember eating some nice conch at this restaurant. When my local foodie recommended it, I had flashbacks of seafood, dumplings and plantain all in some nice mayonnaise sauce. Almost as good as my grandmothers, but you know already know how I feel about that.

Must Try: All local dishes are on point.

Island Flavor

The name says it all. And the amount of food choices that came with this recommendation told me that there is much to try. Visit Island Flavor and you’ll be sure to get a taste of the Caribbean life.

What’s your flavor? Tell me what’s your flavor. Island Favor, OF COURSE!!

Must Try: Tropical Chicken. Rice, Mash Potatoes, Plantains, Johnny Cake, AND Homemade Fruit Punch


Summertime is the right time to try Sabroso. This local restaurant currently hosts Saturday nights on the Waterfront from 10PM to 2AM. Good food and good entertainment sounds about nice!!

Must Try: You won’t be disappointed with any of their dishes. But if you must pick one, try the seafood.

Honorable Mentions

I got so many restaurant recommendations that I couldn’t put them all in this post. Here are some other great places that didn’t make the cut, but still have appetizing meals that you should try.

Yummy in my tummy!! Ya’ll know I love island food and just hearing my local contacts talk about all this goodness had me longing for a plate. So, if you’re in the Virgin Islands and looking for a place to grab a bite; check out any one of these restaurants for some good¬†scratch that — GREAT — island cuisine!!

Special thanks to my Uncle WES, Auntie Diana, and my cousin Vanisha for their awesome feedback and recommendations. One day when I take a trip home, we’ll all grab a bite together at one of these spots!!

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Did I miss a local joint that should be on this list? Hit me up in the comments and let me know your favorite place to eat in St. Thomas, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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