Homeroom – Was it required? I missed the memo!!

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In April of 2000, my homeroom teacher left a note on my report card for my parents (and probably for me too since I hadn’t seen him since the school year started)………..

Excessive homeroom cutting.

If there were 100 days in the school year, I probably hadn’t been to homeroom 98 of those 100 days. Like seriously, what was the purpose of homeroom anyway?

When I looked at my final report card there was only one thing I wanted to see. Student has moved on to the next grade or for Senior Year, student has graduated. He could write that I have never been to homeroom in my life and it wouldn’t have phased me then, just like it doesn’t phase me now.

But it didn’t always use to be like that. It all started out so swell…………

Was Homeroom Optional?

Year: 1998 – 2002
School: Charlotte Amalie High School

First Day of Homeroom – Freshman Year

I remember when I first got to high school. A new environment (within walking distance of home – YAY!!), new school uniform, and new places to hang out across campus. You had to find a place to hangout. Whether it was in the morning, lunchtime, or after school. If you didn’t have somewhere to be, you had to find somewhere to be.

And then, there was homeroom. Homeroom usually happened in the mornings before regular classes started. My first day of homeroom, there were several familiar faces from my junior high days, so I didn’t have a problem finding someone to talk to.

After the first few times in homeroom though, I started to question it’s purpose. Was it to inform about school happenings? Were we supposed to spend the time bonding with our peers? Was it an extra 30 minutes for the teachers to get themselves together before the day started? Whoever knew the purpose had failed to inform me or my homeroom teacher.

By Junior Year – Homeroom Became Optional

If you lost points for not going to homeroom, all of mines were taken away. By the time Junior year came around, I completely missed the point of its purpose. Any announcements made in homeroom, I either already knew or found out through someone else by the end of the day.

My reasons for not going to homeroom

  • I wasn’t much of a gossiper. My homeroom teacher was male, however, that didn’t stop him from gossiping on and on like the rest of them chicks.
  • I had no need to ‘fit in’. Homeroom seemed pointless. They spent the 10-30 minutes hanging out with their regular friends that they see or hang out with all the damn time. I had no problems hanging out with my self and didn’t need to sit in homeroom to do that.
  • I had better things to do. By junior year, my hangout when not in homeroom, most times, was in Hotel Training. I either spent the time making myself breakfast, finishing homework that was due that day or week, or getting in an extra 10-30 minutes of sleep.

Homeroom Classes Today

Maybe things have changed and homeroom classes are more organized and purposeful these days. Who knows, mines may have been the only one on campus where students didn’t feel the need to attend. But then, how do you explain all the other children I saw across the campus during homeroom time?

Whatever the case, don’t be like me. If you are still in school and reading this blog, attend your homeroom class. If it doesn’t serve any obvious purpose with the leaders present, make that time purposeful for yourself. Get a head start on homework, read a book, or study for a test. Don’t give your homeroom teacher the opportunity to write: Excessive Homeroom Cutting on your report card.

As for me, I wouldn’t change a thing about the times I spent away from homeroom. I know myself enough to know that my time was better spent doing what I needed to do for me. I still graduated with honors. I never failed a class in my life. And I think I turned out pretty okay!!

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