Part 2: When WAPA makes you mad

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I thought it ended at the tee shirts I mentioned in my last post about the consumers who were so frustrated with the Virgin Islands local Water And Power Authority (WAPA), that they put it on a shirt and started selling them on Amazon. The #WAPAMovement has continued now with local artists creating full music videos and lyrics to air out their frustrations.

It’s no secret that in the last couple of weeks, residents of the Virgin Islands has been experiencing numerous power outages and malfunctioning household equipment due to the constant electrical issues. From the local news outlets providing regular updates and consumers venting out their frustrations on social media, WAPA has been a constant topic in the Virgin islands.

Last week, I shared the first music video I saw called WAPA Kiss Yuh Mudda. It has a catchy hook and an animated music video that keeps you watching ’til the end. People even comment ‘Road March 2020’ on the video post. See all videos mentioned at the end of this post.

Now this week there is another one floating around called WAPA Kiss My A**. The titles seem to be a trend that is catching on. And again, the tunes are catchy and the videos are going viral as locals are sharing it across social media platforms.

Clearly all parties involved in the making and collaborations of these shirts and videos are fed up and looking for a change. The latest headlines I read mentioned that WAPA was reaching out to other organizations for help with the current issues which seems like a step in the right direction. Hopefully, they get their act together fast enough, so that our 2020 road march won’t be a song that could potentially do more damage than good to the tourism industry that supports our economy in the Virgin Islands.

Who wants to visit a place with constant power outages and residents so upset that they banded together to air their grievances throughout an entire Carnival celebration?

What has your experience been like with WAPA in the Virgin Islands? Current or former resident, let me know in the comments your memories of growing up with power outages. Who knows it might inspire you to write a song or make a shirt too.

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