Who Remembers? – New Video Series

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I’ll be starting a new video series called Who Remembers, that will be short clips reminiscing about things from back in the day. This is for all my memories that don’t/won’t necessarily fall into a full blog post, but are things that I still want to not forget nonetheless.

Like my favorite candy growing up or the fun neighborhood games we used to play. You don’t want me to get into an entire blog post about, Green Sour Apple Blow Pops and playing kickball. It’s only so much I can say about lollipops and kickball. Actually, I might be tempted to write about the latter. Hmmmm.

New Videos on Thursdays – Who Remembers

But back to Who Remembers. These videos will be posted on Thursdays, starting on March 1st UPDATE – March 8. If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel, of course you will get to see them first.

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Leave a comment and let me know something you remember from back home that isn’t around today. If I use your suggestion, you could be featured on my next Who Remembers episode.

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