Top Tourist Attractions in St. Thomas, VI

NOTE: This tourist attractions list for St. Thomas was created in June 2019. Please confirm before traveling that any places of interest are still open.

So 2019 is here and vacationers are flocking to the islands to chillax on the beach while the kiddos are out of school or just to get in some good tanning before the winter. So, why not include a trip to the beautiful Virgin Island of St. Thomas?

You don’t need a passport to get there and most major airlines have a route there everyday. Come on and book your flight or pick a cruise with this stop as one of your destinations. You won’t be disappointed!! Here is what my homeland has to offer.

Coral World/Coki Point Beach

For the kids, animal lovers, and beach goers.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited Coral World in my lifetime. From summer school trips there, to visits when I am on the island traveling to see family and friends. Coral World is never a dull tourist attraction.

Now they even have cooler things like swimming with dolphins and sea lions!! They have upgraded a lot, so check them out on your trip to St. Thomas.

How to get there? Hop a dollar bus out country and ask to stop by Coral World or Coki Beach. And once you are finished visiting the sea animals at Coral World, hop on over to the beach right next door for a swim. There are also local dishes being served up by the sea. ENJOY!!

Looking for more beach stops, check out these local beaches.

Main Street

For the shoppers and rum seekers.

Main Street is the place to be for shopping for jewelry, liquor, and souvenirs for all your family and friends back home who are missing out on this trip. Have the taxi bus drop you off at the top of the street (near Vendor’s Plaza) and work your way down or vice versa. And don’t forget the side streets.

There are great finds on the main street as well as the side streets and passageways. The shops, the architecture, the people will make you feel like you are immersed in island culture. Everyone will try to get you into their store, so be prepared with a list of things that you are shopping for and a budget.

And I haven’t even gotten to the best part: all items are tax-free!!

Paradise Point Tramway

For the photographers, easy goers, and cruisers.

Looking for a little scenery with your strawberry daiquiri? Paradise Point can provide you with both.

Take a ride up the tramway to the top of Paradise Point and take in the view of the cruise ship harbor. This attraction is especially great for cruise travelers who are low on time in port. This is right next to the Havensight dock. So you can easily get some morning shopping in followed by lunch with a very nice view.

VI Children’s Museum

For the kiddos, artists, and cruisers. You don’t have to have kids to visit here!!

The premise of the museum is simple: learn about STEAM while having hands-on fun.

If you are taking your kids here on your stop to St. Thomas and have other activities planned, I suggest you visit this place last. Why? Because your kids may never want to leave here.

I wish this place was around when I was growing up in the Virgin Islands, but I am glad that it is there now. I have to make this stop on future visits to St. Thomas when my kids are a little older and can enjoy the experience even more.

XOXO Island Gurl

But all in all these are my top picks this year. There is more to see if you are staying on St. Thomas for more than a day trip and I encourage you to explore the island. Take great pictures, make lots of memories, and embrace your inner island gurl during your stay.

After your visit tell me which spot was your favorite. And also comment and let me know if there are any new spots that I should check out as well.

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