I Taste Just Like Candy, That’s why the dogs chase me

Who has never heard the Foxy Brown, I Taste Just Like Candy. Anytime I hear that song today, brings back some wild memories.

Year: Some 90s Summer
Place: Tortola, BVI

I Taste Just Like Candy………..

Like Candy Dog Chaser

The title of this post is not what you’re thinking. Get your mind outta the gutter.

We were literally chased down the street by dogs, here’s the rest of the story……

Remember in my other post where I said my cousin, aunt, and I would randomly be dancing in the middle of the street every time we heard Foxy Brown’s, “I Taste Just Like Candy” song. Well, this one particular night we were walking down the road from Huntum’s Ghut to Lower Estate. This is a walk we took practically everyday when I started to stay by family in Lower Estate versus my younger days staying up Huntum’s Ghut.

We were going back ‘home’ for the night after hanging out with friends when a white car came around the corner (yes, I remember the color of the car) pumping tunes out of their load sound system. Pit stop on the post. If you’re from the islands you know sound systems in cars were a big deal. The louder the better. They even had car shows where people competed to see who had the loudest, cleanest, best sounding system on the island. Some of those clashes were epic. Ok, now back to the story.

The white car came around the corner and what song would come on but our new favorite, I Taste Just Like Candy by Foxy Brown. The three of us stopped walking and started dancing in the middle of the street. It was pretty late at night so I don’t know if anybody saw us, but if they did, they were probably wondering what the hell was wrong with these kids dancing in the street like its jouvert.

Pit stop on the post. If you don’t know, jouvert is part of carnival where the biggest and baddest bands were setup on a truck and partygoers would tramp up or down the street behind their favorite band from early morning until the sun came up. Tortola had 3 jouverts, so they were always the place to party for Carnival. Those days were the best, especially when the bands too had clashes and rode side by side with each other to see who could take the crowd. Good memories, but back to the story.

Well, as the car continued on and the sound got quieter the further away it got, something told us to look behind us. Out of nowhere a dog came running down the street right towards us. Now you know, we didn’t hesitate and started to haul ass down the street. The plan was not to get bitten by a dog tonight. 

That’s Why The Dogs Chase Me Us

The three of us ran so hard and so fast you would swear we were having a race. I don’t know at what point we got split up, but my aunt and cousin ended up on the left side of the street, while I ended up on the right side of the street.

We ran all the way to the spot in Lower Estate under the tree where everybody hung out when we weren’t up by the Ghut. Somebody’s car was parked near the tree and my aunt and cousin lept on top of the car. I swore they were flying the way they got on top of that car.

Me on the other hand who apparently didn’t keep up with them, ran to the side of a car on the right side of the street and I ducked down behind the car. Thankfully the dog didn’t chase me there and had continued running after them.

I don’t know if it was the loud noise or the scream, but one of them jumped so hard on the hood of the car and it went BOOM!! The dogs were startled by the sound, then backed up and went back the way they came. I stood watch while the dogs went the other way and as soon as I was in the clear, I ran to where my aunt and cousin were.

They stood there laughing, then asking where I was because they had not realized that I was no longer next to them when they ran to the car. When, they saw me, they asked me where I had gone and I pointed to my hiding spot on the side of the car.

We all laughed it off as just one of those funny moments that came out of nowhere. But, I’m pretty sure whoever car they jumped on wasn’t laughing when they came out to their car that morning. Because if you heard the sound that was made that inevitably scared the dogs away, you would know that it had to leave a bit of a dent in the hood of that car.

Hey, if they knew that we were running from a dog, I’m pretty sure they would’ve been understanding. But, we didn’t stick around to see whose car it was, it was too late at night to go knocking on anybody’s door. By the next day, weren’t even thinking about the car and more laughing at the whole situation and thankful none of us were bit by a dog.

It was one hell of a night, that all started with us dancing in the middle of the street singing bout we taste just like candy….😄😆😅

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What did you think this story was about when you read the title? Don’t lie, be honest and tell me in the comments. I hope I gave you a good laugh today with this memory.

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