School House Color Rock: Green Power

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For some reason, I think of Power Rangers when I say Green Power out loud. Ha! This was my junior high school house color. I still have the shirt to prove it.

Year: 1996-1998
School: Addelita Cancryn Junior High School

School House Colors Rock: Red, Gold, Blue, Green

School House Color Rock Rainbow

A new school year is starting in the Virgin Islands. Some children are already back in school, while others are still waiting for their school officials to get it together.

I can imagine what it’s like because I remember my days of having to wait to go back to school after a hurricane, only to find that your school no longer exists, structurally. Then, to be shuttled off to an alternative school until your school is rebuilt. In my case, I got to spend my last year of elementary school at another school on the opposite end of the island. What joy!!

Green Power: What was your school house color?

But back to Junior High. One of the things that I remembered from my junior high school days were those times when we all rallied together in our house colors across the field. From above, we probably looked like a sea of ants in reds, greens, blues, gold, and orange.

Everyone was always hyped up to represent their house and associated colors. I don’t even remember if there were specific competitions or reasons why we all wore our shirts on those days that we did. It was always an event though, and we always looked forward to any time not spent in a classroom.

Cancryn J.H. S. – House Colors/Mottos

  • Green Power
  • Red Hot
  • Blue Massive
  • Solid Gold
  • Orange – Squeeze The Competition

Thanks to a friend of mines whose FB post helped jog my memories on some of these colors/mottos because I surely forget what a few of them were.


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Did you have house colors/mottos in your schooldays? What was yours? Share it in the comments!!

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