Introducing Island Gurl Chronicles

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Interrupting your regularly scheduled broadcasting to bring you my new blog home, Island Gurl Chronicles. My first blog, Nobody’s Princess 101 is still my main blog, but here on Island Gurl Chronicles, I will be taking it a lot more closer to home. (WE’VE MOVED* FROM BLOGSPOT!!)

My Hometown

Home as in the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) and British Virgin Islands (BVI), St. Thomas and Tortola, respectively. So much of my childhood is grounded in these places and I wanted to build a place where I could share those memories (good, bad, or indifferent) to the world.

Here you will find stories about embarrassing moments I had in elementary school to the things that I ate (even when I wasn’t supposed to) in the islands. I LOVE ISLAND FOOD!!

Even though my memories have the backdrop of being surrounded by beautiful blue oceans and crystal sands, I’m pretty sure a lot of these moments are universal. So this blog is for EVERYONE and not just my fellow islanders who are home or away.

Other Blog – NP 101

If you want tips on being a Queen Boss, Boss Babe, or HBIC, Nobody’s Princess 101 is still the place to go. However, if you want to reminisce in what it was like growing up in the beautiful Virgin Islands, Island Gurl Chronicles is the place to be.

More to come on this new blog. Thanks for the love and support!! Who knows?  If I’ve known you from back in the islands, you just might be featured in one of my memories that I share…….

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Are you an island gurl too (or island boy)? Let me know in the comments which island you are repping. #IslandGurlsRock

*UPDATE: We’ve moved from blogspot to make it easier for people to find our website. So no more extension (, just enter and you will be at our website. All posts will be transferred to our new website in January. 

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