IGCA 2019: Day 7 – Sea, Back Home – Cruise Highlights

Nobody wants to hear/read about packing or driving back 8+ hours in rain and torrential weather. So, here are some of our cruise highlights. Going back to reality always sucks. From no cooking, no cleaning, 3 meals a day, a different port adventure every day, to the same old, same old, doesn’t sound like fun.

If you haven’t done one yet, you should definitely go on your first cruise soon. You won’t regret it, unless of course you get really really sea sick or don’t like the water. But, there are sea patches and green apples for that and if you don’t like the sea water, you are on the wrong blog. It’s called Island Gurl Chronicles for a reason.

Cruise Highlights

  • Playing the game CLUE on board – This was new for us and we had fun finding clues and solving puzzles on different days in port.
  • Watching the moonlight against the ocean water – You don’t need to have a balcony room to see this. There are plenty of areas aboard the ship where you can see this breathtaking view. Explore the ship, some are even hidden where few passengers know about them and you can make it romantic.
  • Watching movies under the stars – The Dive In Theater was our spot on some nights where we watched movies on the top deck or just went up to grab popcorn.
  • New Ports, Amber Cove and Grand Turk – Loved the friendliness in DR and the beach in Grand Turk.
  • My children’s first time in St. Thomas – Having them meet family members they’ve only spoken to on the phone and seeing the place where I grew up, priceless.
  • My children’s first time at the beach – Watching them play in the water and sand for the first time, I will never forget.

Where to next?

There are no official plans yet for Island Gurl Travel Adventures 2020. As always, I begin planning our trips at least a year in advance. I think we might try to do Disney or Universal Studios, somewhere where we drive to versus air or boat travel. We shall see what the future has in store.

Island Gurl Signature

Lastly here are the cruise highlights in pictures. I’ll use these pics to hold me over until our next vacation.

Where would you recommend for our family road trip in 2020? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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