IGCA 2019: Day 2 – Day at Sea

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This entry will be short because we are going to be at sea for day 2. Days at sea usually means time to explore the ship and this trip was no different. Though, the Breeze is similar to the Magic in size and structure, it is still different, so we had our sea day set to discover as much as we could on the Carnival Breeze.

Exploring the Carnival Breeze

We woke up late and had breakfast on the Lido deck. Our favorite from the breakfast buffet is omelettes made to order. I also got, french toast, potatoes, and banana bread. All was good. My son enjoyed it as much as I did as he grabbed what he could from my plate and shoved it into his mouth. No complaints from him.

We have never used it in the past, but this time decided to find the kids camp on this trip. My daughter is now 5 and walking around looking at things was not her idea of fun. We would at least try it out for one day and if she didn’t like it, she could spend the rest of her time with us as she had in the past.

Day 2 Pool Pic
Crazy Pose Outside the Kiddie Pool

After my daughter decided that she would stay in kids camp to play with the other kids there, we began our walking tour. We saw the basketball court, sky hike, jogging track, outdoor gym, spa, and several pools. Throughout the week we found other hidden nooks, come back and read each day to learn about them.

After our walk, we chilled in our room, head up to the Lido deck for lunch, then decided it was time to hit a pool. Much of our dining trips for this cruise were at the Lido deck compared to previous cruises. I was fine with choosing and trying multiple dishes and getting more or less of what I liked or didn’t like.

Carnival Breeze Kiddie Pool

After picking up my daughter from the kids room, we all got changed and headed to the kiddie pool. Despite it being cold and breezy outside, we went for it any way. We may not have time on any of the other days to get to this pool, so we got it out of the way early. We even got a cool picture out of it (see the pics from today).

The kiddie pool area was fun. I walked up and down the stairs with my daughter, followed my son around as he explored all the different areas where the water could shoot from. Our only disappointment was that my daughter was 2 inches to short for the big slide. But she had fun anyway on the mini slides. Maybe next cruise, she would be tall enough to shoot down the big pool slides like the rest of us.

Cruise Night Life

After we got dressed for dinner, we took pictures. Tonight was the first elegant night and we already knew we needed an updated family picture. We got several shots to choose from and tagged the ones we liked as favorites.

First Elegant Night Family Picture - Sea Day
First Elegant Night Family Pic

If you’ve never cruised before be prepared to spend some money on pictures. They go for about $20 a pop and they take pictures of you everywhere. I mean everywhere……….

  • When you first board the ship
  • during dinner
  • when you get off the boat in a new port
  • casually walking around the ship (see proof – above pic)
  • when you are walking the cruise dock and they have the backdrop of the ship in a nice view. YES!! They will lure you in!!

Have a budget beforehand or don’t let them take many pics of you to rid yourself of the temptation to buy them all. You’ve been warned!!

We watched the PG version of Perry Crews 2 comedy show. With kids, you have to hit the early shows because the later shows have profanity and are for 18 and older guests. Plus, I did not want to put my kids into the overnight care which was an additional fee. I didn’t mind the fee, but the fact that my son can’t speak to me to tell me what anyone has done while in their care means it’s a no go for me. It might be an island mom thing, I don’t know, but no late night camps for either of them, so no adult shows for us.

I will say though, in the past we have enjoyed both the early and late night shows on the cruise. Even, the club they have on board the ships are usually okay to hang and out in. On previous cruises, they have had Caribbean themed nights where they played soca, calypso, and reggae.

Where to next?

Now I stare at an island (see Day 3 video) as I write this entry and we head to our first port, Amber Cove, Dominican Republic. I’m trying to figure our what the island is from my bedroom view, it’s huge and mountainous and seems to go on forever back to front and right to left, but breathtaking nonetheless.

Island Gurl Signature

By my next entry, I’ll know what it is hopefully and have more to share about our tip to the DR. Missed Day 1, click here.

What do you do on cruise days at sea? Hit the casino, sing at the karaoke bar, or hang out the pool? Let me know the comments, your favorite sea day activity.

Check out Day 2 in Pictures, here.

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