IGCA 2019: Day 1 – Port Canaveral

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We were supposed to leave at 3AM, but of course we started on island time. My alarm went off at 2:10, then I put my head back down to catch a little more sleep before the long drive. When I woke back up it was almost 3, so time to finish packing up the car, get dressed, wrap the babies in blankets and put them in their car seats, then hit the road. Next stop, picked up my mom and her husband, and off we went. Last stop, Port Canaveral and then the real vacation begins.

Driving to Orlando

My husband drove 1st shift for 3 hours. I drove second for about 3 hours. Then, my mom drove for about 1.5 hours. We made good time, only stopping to use the bathroom or switch seats. Leaving early in the AM also made it easier on the kids as well, they slept right through most of the car ride. Getting to Orlando was a breeze and the weather was not bad at all.

Of course, before heading to port we made a stop to Walmart for some baby milk and last minute supplies. I didn’t want to buy these items beforehand because I didn’t want it sitting in a hot car for hours. It may not have done any harm to the milk, but sue me. We had enough time to make the stop anyway. This wasn’t our first trip through the Orlando port, so we knew they had a Walmart close by.

Port Canaveral

Carnival Breeze Bon Voyage Picture

Driving in to Port Canaveral there were 3 ships docked Carnival, Norwegian, and Disney. The Carnival Breeze looked similar to the Magic, the last ship we were on. The Norwegian ships always look cute with their designs on the side of the ship. This one had an orange sketch, I watched as she left first out of the port. The Disney ship looked cool too, they had a tube slide at the top of the ship.

One day we’ll cruise on another ship besides Carnival. Now that we are gold, it’ll take too long to get to the next level, so we’ll try other fleets. Let me know in the comments which line is the best to try next.

Aboard the Carnival Breeze

Once we got on board, we went to find out rooms. If you’ve never been on the Carnival Breeze be prepared for lots of walking. My mother’s room was mid ship on deck 6, hers was easy to find, then we headed up to deck 9 to the aft (which means back of the ship, click her for more cruise tips). It felt like walking forever. Carnival upgraded us from an interior to a balcony room, so I couldn’t complain too much about our new digs and its’ location. I love this view from the balcony as i write this entry.

Sail Away Carnival Breeze

My daughter excitedly bounced from the bed to the upper to the sofa bed. The baby explored his new digs for the weak and screamed excitedly as he played with his sister.

As we were headed out to sea, my husband called us to the balcony to see two dolphins jumping in the water. We came outside and spotted two more. NICE!! Great start to our vacation so far. Hope it would all be smooth sailing.

We slept a little from the driving. We skipped the dining room dinner tonight and went up to the Lido buffet and grabbed a bite. Then, we went to the theater and began our game of Carnival Clue. We haven’t decided yet if we will pick up the Clues throughout the week. We’ll see if it’s any fun by the end.

Where to next?

Today is a new day to explore. So off to breakfast we go and I’ll write tomorrow or this evening to continue the 2019 Travel Adventures journal. Today is a day at sea.

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Click here for Day 1 in Pictures.

Where did you go on your first cruise? Share in the comments where you visited and which cruise line you chose. I’m interested in finding some new destinations.

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