Holiday Season 2018 – Skipping Thanksgiving

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I went to my mother’s favorite store (the big blue one) the other day and as we walked to the store, what do I see but a big Christmas tree in the parking lot. The poles in front of the store were wrapped in red and white to resemble candy canes to match the decor. It’s official: Holiday Season 2018 is in full effect. But what happened to the other holiday before that? Are we just skipping Thanksgiving now?

Walmart Christmas Display Parking Lot - Skipping Thanksgiving

Holiday Season 2018

Is it just me or does it seem like every year, Christmas starts sooner and sooner and Thanksgiving is just wiped off the calendar. It’s like we say Trick or Treat one night and the next it’s Merry Christmas. 

Skipping Thanksgiving

Skipping Thanksgiving 2018

I went to the grocery store to pick up my last minute items for our Thanksgiving meal. Then, I went to the dollar store to get some pans to put all these dishes in because nobody wants to do dishes after all the cooking is done. Both stores had listed on their doors – OPEN FOR THANKSGIVING.



Are we getting to a point where Thanksgiving will be nonexistent?

Whose going to be working in the store on that day? I almost feel sorry for anyone that has to work on the holiday and don’t get to spend time with their family or friends or just themselves if they’re not into the crowds.

In the islands the holiday season always began around Thanksgiving and went all the way through January. There was never this feeling of a rush through the holidays. Maybe because I was younger then, but there was never a need for me to feel like I wanted to be in a store on Thanksgiving or the day after………

The times have definitely changed.

Maternity Leave Over – Mostly

Oh and yes by the way. Does this post mean that I am no longer on maternity leave? YES!!

I am still taking time as I need to spend with my newborn, but you will be seeing new posts from me and I will be back to commenting and responding as I did previously. Just in time for the holidays, where I will get back to spending family time again. :0

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What are you doing this Thanksgiving? Spending time with family or spending money on holidays biggest sales for the season? If it’s the latter, I just hope you’re buying something very special for your family!! Let me know in the comments what you’re up to this Thanksgiving and what’s on your menu for the holiday season!!

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