Happy Emancipation Day and Independence Day!!

This week’s post is coming out one day early, so that I can say to my IGC Family: Happy Emancipation Day!!

Happy Emancipation Day in the Virgin Islands

Happy Emancipation Day

Typically, in the Virgin Islands, in addition to celebrating the 4th of July, Independence Day, we also celebrate Emancipation Day on July 3rd. It is not an uncommon day among the Caribbean. In fact, several Caribbean islands also celebrate their own Emancipation Day throughout the year, on the day that is of significance to their island.

For Virgin Islanders, it just happened to fall close to the National Independence Day.

So whether you are celebrating by taking a relaxing day off or planning to fete in St. John for Carnival 2018, enjoy your holiday. As for me, I’ll be relaxing at home with some nice reggae music.

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Check out the blog below for more on the history of this holiday in the Virgin Islands. What are your celebration plans this week? Share them or some pics in the comments. 

History of Emancipation Day

Emancipation Day: A Truly Crucian Story

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