My First ‘Boyfriend’ in 4th Grade

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What do kids know about ‘boyfriends’ in elementary school? I can tell you, I didn’t know a thing and yet somehow I found myself with my first boyfriend in the 4th grade.

Year: 1993-94
School: Lockhart Elementary School

First Boyfriend 4th Grade

My First Boyfriend

He was my first ‘official’ boyfriend (that I can remember) in the 4th grade. His name was J* and we were in the same class. Then, it didn’t hurt that we lived in almost the same area, him Housing, me right up the shortcut in Estate Thomas.

We did what elementary school girlfriends and boyfriends do. We talked on the phone, hung out during lunchtime, and walked home together after school. Sometimes if I didn’t have a quarter to buy a special from the housing special lady, he bought it for me, wanting nothing in return (or was that 4th grade naivete?).

I don’t remember how long the relationship lasted. I don’t even remember how it ended. It was almost like, he asked me to be his girlfriend, we dated for a while, then school ended for summer and it was over. Those things were so trivial to us at that age.

Childhood Relationships – Then vs Now

Elementary school relationships were so young and innocent back in my day. It was the girl or boy you shared a candy with at lunchtime. Or the girl or boy that held your hand as you walked home from school.

Now today, you hear of children getting pregnant as young as 12 or 13. What happened to just talking on the phone or holding hands? What’s with this rush for kids to be adults and do adult things?

I liked the times much better when kids were allowed to be kids. Nowadays kids have so many responsibilities laid out for them that it’s hard for them to have a childhood. And social media does not help the situation any with more access to predators around the world.

I miss the days of a young boy and a young girl dating and the worst that would happen was a first kiss, that the parents weren’t ready for, but the children had butterflies in their stomach anyway from the unforgettable experience.

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I’m all for the days of innocent first kisses. Happy Sweetest Day if you celebrate that kinda thing!!


Do you remember your first boyfriend or girlfriend? How old were you? What grade were you in? Let me know about your experience in the comments.

*Real names were not used to protect the innocent. Y’all know how some of these grown island women can get. …

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