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Sea Day Caribbean Sea

IGCA 2019: Day 2 – Day at Sea

Days at sea are days for relaxing, hitting the casino, pool, or exploring the ship. We spent ours doing the latter on the Carnival Breeze. Read more about what we did on Day 2 of our 2019 Travel Adventures – Island Gurl Chronicles continues. Don’t forget to check out the pics from each day too.

Port Canaveral Orlando Florida

IGCA 2019: Day 1 – Port Canaveral

After about 8 hours of driving, it was time for our 2019 travel adventures to begin. In Port Canaveral we boarded the Carnival Breeze and then collapsed to catch some sleep before jumping into vacation. We had all week long to sleep or swim or eat or do nothing or do everything and we were ready for it all. Here’s how our trip got started…